Alison_portraitAlison Colman ventured into new media/digital art as an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. She continued on this path as a freelance computer animator and graduate student in the Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design at The Ohio State University, where she developed a strong interest in web design, net art, cyberculture studies, art criticism, and education and earned an MA in 1997 and a PhD in 2003. Her work has been exhibited at SIGGRAPH ’97 and the Parsons School of Art and Design in NYC. She has published articles on net art in journals such as Visual Arts Research, Studies in Art Education, and the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education and has lectured on net art and art criticism nationally and internationally. She has also written art criticism for the Tate Gallery Online and From 2002 to 2007 she was an Assistant Professor of Art Education at Ohio University-Athens. She founded The Fuse Factory Electronic and Digital Art Lab in 2007, and is currently its Executive Director. In addition, she is a STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) educator for the YMCA of Central Ohio.