Blast Off, a one minute digital video edited in After Effects and Photoshop. The video features footage from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shinning (1980) with ripple effects signifying the turbulent cultural climates during the launch of Apollo 11; the ripples also speak about the effects of that particular moment in the space program creating consumer technology for years to come. The video footage is slowed down to match the amount of time of the countdown of the launch bringing up comparisons between the reality of the launch and conspiracy theories about a fictitious space program. Blast Off is a digital looping video at 720p and is displayed on a flat screen LED TV that is mounted on the wall at viewing height.

About the artist

Potrait ImageI was born on June 27, 1980 and grew up in Willowick, a small suburb on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. My family has always been an important part of my art and creative process because I gained an appreciation for art, nature, and creativity during my youth from my grandmother, Eleanor. Memories of my father and mother working in the industry of Cleveland awarded me a passion for hard work and an understanding of collaboration. After a childhood filled with fantasy, drawings, animations, and questions, I went on to pursue my education and earned an Associate’s degree in Graphic Communication Technologies from Columbus State Community College in 2006, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio State University with a focus on Art and Technology in 2010, and a Master of Fine Arts with a concentration on Electronic Art from the University of Cincinnati in 2014. It is during my education that I experienced working with new media and I was drawn to using contemporary technology as material for my artistic practice.