Friedhard Kiekeben’s works take form as digital wall drawings., etched and printed metal friezes and sculptures, paintings, and sequences of prints and drawings. His projects often include tailor-made and site-specific installations – such as ‘Quantum Ice’ – a version of which was first shown at gallery Giani in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2011. The work plays with conventions that art be static and confined rather than tumbling toward us, or as in the case of the new work ‘Quantum Ice (Ohio)’, a new wall installation made from digitally printed vinyl for ‘Interventions’ at the Pearl Conard Gallery, appears frozen yet dynamic in a state of digitally crystallized suspension.

‘After the metaphysics of being and appearance…comes that of indeterminacy and the code…Today, when the real and the imaginary are confused in the same operational totality, the aesthetic fascination is everywhere.’ (Jean Baudrillard, Simulations).

Friedhard_KiekebenGerman born, Kiekeben was one of the early artists in the UK to merge digital technologies, printing, and installation-based printmaking, and he completed a research degree on thus subject at the Royal College of Art in 1993. Today, he works as a Fine Art Professor at Columbia College Chicago, and shows his work both Europe and in the USA.”